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Free PUBG Account 2024 – you are a PUBG Mobile lover and spending more time playing PUBG game but getting more CPU is a hard task so you are wondering how to get free PUBG account and it is a free PUBG Gmail account Elite Pass.

If you are looking for these keywords then you should check this article because we share free pubg account today no cheat.

In our free time, we all like to play games. Do you like online games? Due to the rise of the internet, everyone prefers to play games online so that they can interact with other players as well.

In this digital age, I have another exciting game from Tencent, namely PUBG, also known as Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

Latest Free PUBG Account 2024
Latest Free PUBG Account 2024

Millions of users are playing PUBG online all over the world. PUBG is becoming a game that can be played across all ages due to its innovative concept and amazing gameplay.

You can play with your friends, and it allows you to play with people from different countries.

In the PUBG game, battlegrounds are placed where players compete in teams of 4, 2 or 1 with different weapons.

If you want to make new friends, PUBG can be a good choice.

If you are here and looking for a PUBG account, I am sure you are also among the PUBG players who want to get different things instantly.

However, if you are planning to start the game from scratch then it will be a good thing as you will be happy to start creating a PUBG account from scratch.

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How to upgrade PUBG premium account

Latest Free PUBG Account 2024
How to upgrade PUBG premium account

Before entering the free PUBG and collection, it would be good to check this first.

In the PUBG app, you can get in-app purchases where you can upgrade your account to advanced after paying the subscription fee.

I will cover it in detail with a step-by-step process to upgrade the account to premium.

First, I want to tell you one thing, there are many apps and VPNs that buy real content from Pubg but I advise you not to use them.

Because this type of purchase is illegal and any report or complaint may result in imprisonment or other penalties.

The step by step guide to upgrade your pubg account to premium account is as follows:

  1. and install PUBG Mobile from the Google Play Store on Android and from the App Store on .
  2. Register your account through Facebook because this will create a permanent ID so you don't lose your account when you turn on the device or change the app.
  3. Go to the information section where you will find the Elite Pass option. There are two types of passes that you can buy, one of which suits your needs.
  4. Now you have to buy UC by paying money according to your choice.
  5. Claim payment and get UC, through this UC you can subscribe to Elite Pass.

During registration, you can also create your guest ID, but this is not recommended because if you change accounts, you will lose all progress from your previous PUBG account and have to start over.

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Latest Free PUBG Account 2024 Update

  • Email: Eftowent_senit@hotmail.com
    Password: Chersycolom
  • Email: Whater_fluyen@hotmail.com
    Password: Hanstoytneg3054
  • Email: lagytamot.sawivan948@outlook.com
    Password: lalponyo5938
  • Email: Ebantroku_topibals@hotmail.com
    Password: enabiltouven54
  • Email: ibsta.glodra42@gmail.com
    Password: Zuoadracli
  • Email: Shot_Glodfor@gmail.com
    Password: Coolpubg2020
  • Email: Nedroppol.Stronga@gmail.com
    Password: prime537Xar
  • Email: Hangower.Publ@gmail.com
    Password: Ciriclemortes
  • Email: Embrapil_pubg@gmail.com
    Password: Hollandfralko3924
  • Email: zacveyte.obnestov@gmail.com
    Password: gorviltapb40295
  • Email: wordecifan.vobeiltao@outlook.com
    Password: brovfaytolsk
  • Email: eptamifrazil.etomiza@gmail.com
    Password: kaltavXapial

List of Free PUBG Account 2024

Latest Free PUBG Account 2024
List of Free PUBG Account 2024

Below is a list of some premium PUBG VIP accounts, free google login accounts. If you don't want to buy it, you can try the account below. The account below is a pubg phishing account. I do not advise you to change the password because it may lead to the closure of the account.

Adwilired20012@gmail.com terminantor29
email address and password PUBG account

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Free PUBG Account FB Login

Many players use their Facebook ID to log into their PUBG account. A common and simple way as most players need to have a FB account.

So we are also sharing free pubg account for FB login 2024, so if you need PUBG Mobile ID notification, you can check and add PUBG account below.

Free PUBG Account Facebook Login

Free PUBG Account Twitter Login

The following is a PUBG Twitter account directory, an account linked to a Twitter account. For those looking for a pubg account, please login to twitter, please try the free pubg account below.

Free PUBG Account Twitter Login

Request PUBG Mobile account for Free

Free Fresh PUBG Account
Free Fresh PUBG Account

If you want the latest and fresh PUBG account that has not been used, then send us your email in the Google form below. After a few hours or days, you will receive a free PUBG mobile account and login details by email, for free!

Note: You must share on all social networks (other than Facebook) before we send the new PUBG sultan account to your email address.

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The last word

So that's a collection of free PUBG accounts that you can try to play with your friends.

However, I do not guarantee that the above PUBG account can no longer be used because it may be banned by PUBG.

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