How To Hack PUBG UC Without Verification 2024

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How To Hack PUBG UC Without Verification 2024 – Mobile Game PUBG is an online multiplayer war game Battle Royale for devices. With attractive graphics and visual effects, this game is in high demand among android game lovers.

Just like other and ML games, the PUBG Mobile game also has an in-game currency called Unknown Cash or UC which is used to purchase weapon skins, clothes, characters, and much more.

So how to hack this Unknown Cash or UC?

How To Hack PUBG UC without Verification 2024
How To Hack PUBG UC without Verification 2024

Quite a few novice players in the PUBG game are impatient and want to get UC or a lot of money in the PUBG game quickly so that the character can be like a sultan. So can you hack UC or money in PUBG Mobile game?

It turns out that you can, you can get a lot of UC or cash in PUBG Mobile game for free. Here's how to easily hack UC in PUBG Mobile game without buying UC or reloading UC.

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The UC PUBG Mobile that you will get in the following way is through credit that will be sent to your number.

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How To Hack PUBG UC Without Verification 2024

How To Hack PUBG Mobile UC 2024
How To Hack PUBG UC Without Verification 2024

1. First, you need to download the app available on the Store. You can also download it via the link has provided below.

Download Kubik News

2. The next step is to open and access the initial view of the Kubik News app. Here you will be introduced to various types of news like other news aggregator app guys. To start earning free credits, tap the Me section.

How To Hack PUBG UC
How To Hack PUBG UC

3. The next step, on this page, you just need to log into an account, Google or , to get a maximum credit of $10.

4. The next step, after logging in, simply click on the money bag icon to get a reward in the form of free credit. Here, too, the amount varies up to a maximum of $10. And I wish you a lot of balance.

5. The next step, for additional credits and points, you can do various missions to get a number of points which can also be redeemed for credit. Check out the Mission Rewards touch to complete the daily missions you can do.

6. Next, to redeem your credit, simply go to the Kstore menu. Enter the phone number you want to top up and the amount you want to exchange from $2, $5, and $10. Wait for the process until the credit enters your number.

How to redeem UC PUBG with credit

Just like games with other in-app purchases, PUBG Mobile has various face values ​​that you can purchase in-game.

To get it, you can also use pulses to exchange them for unknown money. After that, you can follow these steps.

1. For the first time, go to the Purchase page in the PUBG Mobile game main menu.

2. Then select the quantity you want to buy, then you will enter the payment page using the Google Play Store.

3. Choose a credit payment method. If not, you can follow the steps in the following link.

4. Tap buy to continue with the transaction. Your credit will be deducted and the UC will automatically populate into your PUBG Mobile account.

Now that it's how to hack pubg uc 2024 easily without verification, the above method can be a guide for those of you who want to quickly get UC or money in PUBG Mobile game.

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Thanks for visiting and reading pubg uc hack no verification, regards WWCD.

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